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"Taylor took great care in understanding our vision for the professional photos we needed, and she was very thorough in communicating her artistic interpretation of that vision. She took great care in understanding every detail, so that when it came time for the photo shoot, it was a very smooth and quick process for us to get the shots we were hoping for. Her artistic vision is inspired and unmatched, and I strongly recommend working with her for any type of professional photo that you need."

- Kat

"Taylor is a professional with clear terms. My band had the pleasure of working with this young, beautiful, and talented photographer. She has a friendly, time-oriented, and caring approach when it comes to dealing with her clients. Highly recommended!"

- Leon

"Taylor's level of professionalism is eclipsed only by her skills with a camera, and keen attention to detail. Whether you're looking for simple portraits, or full-scale cinematic visuals, Taylor can find a way to turn your vision into a reality. I've had the pleasure of working with her on a variety of projects, and am always vastly impressed by her range of capabilities, including videography. She gets my full recommendation."

- Ashley